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T-Shirt quilt in the making

Updated: May 28, 2021

Being able to recycle/reuse a persons t-shirts is a thrill for me. It is an untold story visually that I get to help create anew all in one item a QUILT!

I gather the shirts and prepare them to be interfaced via my iron press. Then I cut them to a desired size for layout.

I do discuss with my customer a few basic layout options that they can choose from. Upon this decision I begin piecing the top.

I do longarm these quilts. Others may choose to complete quilting these with a simple straight stich on their home machine. I like to stipple or use a basic pattern to stabilize the quilt more. Enjoy a few more photos of the T-shirt quilts I've done for other customers.

Here is a snap of a few completed tops.

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